Alyssa + Matt (Milwaukee Park Engagement)


How I Met Your Mother. Yes – these two LOVE that TV show!! And to prove it they have a beagle mix pup named Mosby :) (for those of you who might not know, Mosby is a character on said television show)! Aren’t they ADORABLE?!


Alyssa & Matt met me for their engagement session just minutes from their home to have a session that really incorporates several things they love to do: spend time together (which can be difficult because of their opposite work schedules), walk Mosby in the park, and be their silly, cuddly selves!!! Their wedding is coming up this Saturday so I am eagerly anticipating seeing them in a couple days – it’s hard to believe the next time I see them they will become husband and wife! Woohoo!! Also, a huge congratulations to Alyssa, who recently accepted a job as a first grade teacher!! Little shoutout for all her hard work besides their wedding planning (which I’m certain felt like a full-time job for both of them lately!)


Thank you for trusting me to document your engagement, Matt and Alyssa, and I will see you two on Saturday! :)


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