Britt + John (Lake Park Milwaukee Engagement)


Britt and John are one of the sweetest and most affectionate couples I’ve had the privilege of working with so far this year!! They were not afraid to snuggle up with each other during our engagement session, and I could not have been more EXCITED to photograph them! John and Britt will be getting married this August near her hometown, and I am absolutely certain they will throw one heck of a party for their friends and family :) I am practically holding my breath until they say those vows, I know the day will be nothing short of fantastic!!! Congratulations again, Britt & John, and thank you for the fun engagement session – we had a lovely, sun-soaked evening all to ourselves in June and made the most of it! :) p.s. Britt you are going to make oneĀ stunning bride!!


Britt+John1-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John2-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John3-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John4-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John5-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John6-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John7-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John8-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John8(1)-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John9-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John10 Britt+John11Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John12-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John13-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John14-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo Britt+John15-Lake-Park-Milwaukee-Engagement-outdoor-photo



  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful!