Cassy + Michael (Appleton Wedding Preview)


How can I begin to describe the meaningful celebration that was Cassy and Michael’s wedding day in just one word? Perfect!! These two now live in Kansas and planned a stunningly simple yet elegant wedding day this past Saturday, and not only was it the joining of husband and wife but of two families! Michael and Cassy, thank you for the GREAT honor of documenting your wedding day, and enjoy your preview images!!!


cassy+michael-1-appleton-wedding-photographer-lutz-park-photo cassy+michael-2-appleton-wedding-photographer-lutz-park-photo cassy+michael-3-appleton-wedding-photographer-lutz-park-photo cassy+michael-4-appleton-wedding-photographer-lutz-park-photo cassy+michael-5-appleton-wedding-photographer-lutz-park-photo cassy+michael-6-appleton-wedding-photographer-lutz-park-photo cassy+michael-7-appleton-wedding-photographer-lutz-park-photo