Britt + John (Fond du Lac Wedding Preview)


This past Saturday, at Britt’s home church, she and John made it official and became husband and wife!! I was completely honored to be along to photograph their wedding day, especially the anticipation before the ceremony all the way through their first kiss as newlyweds :) They started the celebration very soon after the ceremony on their party bus (decked-out in streamers and signs!), and got to Royal Ridges and were able to enjoy cocktail hour with music provided by the awesomely talented Zach Steinbach. Then it was time to enjoy their dinner and let loose on the dance floor – let me tell you, these two and their friends know how to have a good time!! :)


John and Britt, thank you for being AMAZING to work with and for being your sweet and caring selves not only in front of my camera but ALL. DAY. LONG. You could not have been surrounded by more wonderful family and friends, many of whom I got to meet (or reconnect with), and I am so blessed to know you two and share in your wedding day!!! Much love to you both and enjoy your honeymoon!!


britt+john-1-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-2-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-3-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-4-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-5-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-6-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-7-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-8-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-9-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-10-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-11-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-12-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-13-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-rigns-photo britt+john-15-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-yellow-gray-photo britt+john-16-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-zach-steinbach-photo britt+john-17-fond-du-lac-ripon-wedding-first-dance-photo